November 13, 2012

(outfit of the day) Star light, star bright

Sometimes you really have to appreciate the steep contradictions of the fashion world. Each season, Queen Anna Wintour, the elves at Pantone and the fashion fairies designing our fanciful frocks dictate the trends and we merrily oblige. 

By the time September rolled around, I was so ready to abandon pastels, mints and sorbets for a much darker pallet. But true to form, as much we talk oxblood (which my God, I might be over already! Except for this one thing thing I'm dying to wear haha...see! contradicting myself again)... I'm rambling.

Back to my point! As much as we talk oxblood, black & gold, and neutrals - there's also tons of brights everywhere. The key to wearing bright colors in fall (much like wearing white) is to make sure that your fabrics are season appropriate. 

I paired a silky blouse with cotton blend ankle pants and layered a cashmere sweater from Lafayette 148, all of which I've owned for a while now. (Still on my personal challenge to include clothes that I've had and not solely focus on blogging new pieces).

The weather was particularly mild today but if I needed more layers for warmth I'd add a bright  3/4 length topper like this one from Anna Scholz.

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