November 10, 2012

So long as Solange...

...did, than I can too right? As much as I love pop culture, I can't recall any celebrity having any deep lasting influence on my personal style. Of course we all see a thing and think, hmmm I might try that. But it lives on the surface and doesn't work it's way into my wardrobe in any rock my soul kind of way.  (Like how every teenage girl in America in 1986 dressed like Madonna head to toe, I of course was but an embryo...I only know because googled it).

Enter Solange. I had a lot of personal reasons that I wanted to chop my tresses off and begin anew but was I going to let it grow back for the world to see? What would I look like? This may be totally corny and I don't care; something about Solange's insanely beautiful fro was inspiring. It not only made me ok with cutting my hair off it made me excited to lop it off. And! I wasn't going to play it safe and let my curls lay, I was going to have a banging fro! {angels singing}

It's not just her hair, it's her style. She's evolved into this fashion dynamo that in my humble opinion, does everything right! All of this to say, I'm obsessed with her video for her new single "Losing You".

How's that for a love note? That's all.

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