November 20, 2012

(video) Fashion Haul - Lane Bryant

You may have noticed I've been making a more videos recently. Videos are always something that I liked do but I must admit, as much work as a photo shoot to show you guys what I'm wearing is, it doesn't feel like work at all. It's absolutely fun most of the time! Videos, can be challenging. And the editing...more challenging. But who am I to not take on a challenge?

You wanted more videos (which began with wanting to know more about my hair) and what you request of me, that I can do....I of course will do. So - more videos it is!

Some of you tell me your don't love shopping online, or that you live in places that are hard to find stores so I wanted to start with a store that you can find most anywhere, Lane Bryant. I think that you can find cute pieces at the big retail chains as well as online. While everything isn't for me at just about any store, I still like to look everywhere because you never know what gem you'll bump into and if you're like me, I like a lot of options in my wardrobe! 

Check out the video and please share you thoughts! What else would you like to see?

Shop These Looks!

*Sponsored post. All pieces c/o Lane Bryant, opinions are my own.

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