December 12, 2012

(giveaway) Swear by Hair

Never could I have imagined how many of you guys would be interested in the process of chopping off my hair and starting over. It's such an awesome journey to experience with you by my side! So many of you have given me amazing advice or referred me to YouTube channels that I love and many others have relied of me for advice in what I do with my own hair.

As part of my birthday giveaway round up of things I love, (of course I began with makeup!) now...we are onto what I use daily on my hair. I have a few favorites I will admit but this was one of the first that got me on my way and I've been using it more and more now that the temps have dropped and my hair was more dry than I was used to.

I've done videos and blog posts on how I do my hair but now I'm giving you exactly what I use! Yes, you've seen these pics before...just an illustration of the hair I get from using the amazing Optimum Salon Haircare Miracle line. 

From left to right pics 1, 3 and 4 are a Wash n' Go pic 2 is a Twist Out

I discovered the line at their launch event hosted by the one and only Tracee Ellis Ross and have been hooked ever since! THREE of you, yep three will win all of the products featured below. Good luck!!!

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