December 27, 2012

{outfit of the day} Come to Growth, in Baggy Denim

As we come to the end of yet another year, I always take a look back to reflect. This whole being an adult thing is a constant lesson, here are a few of my markers of evolution from this year:

Love is courageous.
Nice guys don't have to finish last.
I will not die without red lips. Purple is another winner.
Cutting all of your hair off can be a really good decision.
I want a cat and a puppy and a fish and a turtle and...another puppy
Confidence is contagious.
I'm stronger than I ever knew.
I will forever despise bootcut pants/jeans (I thought this might be a phase, it's not.)
Business as usual is, unusual.
We are all mere mortals.

Leather Headband: Yana Handbags, Jacket: INC., Baggy Jeans: Thrifted, Leather Bracelet: Bday gift from Bestie Rosa

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