December 7, 2012

(outfit of the day) Pants and Pumps and My Hair Do Too

This post is part beauty, part bare with me while I ramble.

First the beauty...about two weeks ago, I noticed my hair had become insanely dry. It was like overnight my hair went from hydrated, soft and bouncy to dry, coarse and frizzy. What the heck happened? I was doing what I'd been doing all summer which was a "wash and go" using moisturizing products and sealing with oil, so what's the problem?

When my hair was long, it was constantly in a bun on the top of my head. Now, it's short and always loose. Does that matter? Apparently it does! So my bun was a protective style?? I guess so! So, I started doing twist outs. It took a few tries to get it right because I love my natural curl pattern and I didn't like what the twist outs (which I, like everything else... learned how to do on YouTube). However, all hair is different and you really do have to try things out and do what what works for you.

I found that what works best for me is to twist my hair while it's wet -not dry, not damp...wet! I use moisturizing products and let it start to hair dry, then I take each twist (I do small/medium ones about 15ish) and I pull them and pin them around my head so that when I put on "the ugly hat" (also known as a bonnet), they don't get crushed or shrink up on themselves. 

Anyhoo, 2 days of this made me realize that THIS is how my hair will remain soft, bouncy and hydrated in the winter months. My hair instantly transformed back to what I was used to and I quickly said bye bye to dry hair!

Now, on to what I'm wearing. Another downfall to cold weather is having to bundle up. It can be really challenging to look great when you are trying not to freeze to death (see the wind beating me up below??) 

#1 I think the key is to get a coat, or several that you love. I personally need outerwear options because if I wear the same coat everyday I feel like I'm wearing the same outfit over and over and that kind of makes me sad. In true leather obsessed fashion, having to abandoned my leather jackets for warmer toppers tugs at my heart strings but what's great is that there are so many warm wool coats this season with leather accents. Hooray!

#2 I'm obsessed with pants and pumps. I realized that wear a lot of skirts and dresses on the blog, mostly because few pants excite me. These paneled military inspired pants from Simply Be however, they excite me. Adding pumps with pants is a great alternative to boots or booties.

If you see an amazing piece that you love off season, don't leave it behind. I scored this Calvin Klein coat over the summer via TJ Maxx. I certainly wasn't in the market for a coat at the moment but I knew that I'd be glad to have it when the winter months rolled around and I am! Shopping off season is a great way to save.

 Coat: Calvin Klein , Pants: Simply Be, Clutch: c/o Boohoo , Necklace: c/o Boohoo,  CoverGirl Lip Perfection, Hot305

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