December 31, 2012

{year in review} Peplums, Pointy Toe Pumps and Pregnant?!

The absolute best part about blogging is being able to share your thoughts within this little blogosphere community and for me, since my blog is about fashion or fatshion if you with women who love fashion as much as I do, experiment, as well as to challenge and entertain myself with my wardrobe. It's also been beyond amazing to hear from women all over the world who have been inspired by what I do.

2012 was challenging to say the least but also an incredible year (and right before it ends we learn that Kim and Kanye are having a baby!! (gasp). 

Though my blog is two years old, feels like January 2012 was the true start. Posting regularly, taking thoughtful pictures - not just snapping them in whatever I was wearing out and about. No matter whose blog you read, if you go back to the beginning you can see a clear learning curve and that's all part of the fun! Winning outfits, some that should have never happened. A chronicle of your aesthetic life is a pretty amazing thing to have. Here is a look at some of my favorite looks from 2012.

 Denim Shirt, Midrif, Harem Pants

 Peplum, Minty Green, Fringe

 Printed, Pointy Toe Pumps, Vintage

 Natural Hair, Leather, Thrifted

Sequined Sweater, Winter White, Faux Fur

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