January 28, 2013

{ootd} The Silk Skirt

Finally! A break from the cold snap that's been holding the Northeast hostage. It's kind of crazy how warm 30 or 40 degrees feels after living in the low teens for a week. I of course, took this opportunity to don something I actually wanted to wear verses layering for my life!

I even got wild and crazy and decided to ditch the opaque tights for something a little more sheer. When I found this amazing skirt last year, I realized that I don't have nearly enough green in my wardrobe. Not exactly sure why but, I definitely have my eyes peeled for more!

The idea of mixing green and gray came to mind when I was trying to sort out how I wanted to wear this skirt without pairing it with black or white. I'm pretty happy with the combination. It's really hard to find special pieces this silk layered skirt with the embroidered hem so I just look in straight sizes. Elastic waist bands are the great equalizer. 

 Jacket: c/o Simply Be, Top: via 125th St., Skirt: Ports 1961, Bag: Prada (2009), Necklace H&M

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