January 24, 2013

{outfit of the day} Freezing, Faux Fur and Flotus

This feels kind of like a continuation of my last post...

It's just so bitter cold in NYC that my outerwear is kind of feeling much more like my actual outfit rather than the candy coating before you get the to chocolate. (Sorry, I kind of want M&M's right now)

Anyhoo - In my Two Coats post, I layered two coats not only for warmth but to make more of a statement with my look. So, keeping in the same vein I thought about how I could be a little more inventive with my leather trench, which is actually a roomy swing coat and allows for lots of layering underneath.

I've belted this coat before but now typing this, I realize that perhaps subconsciously inspired by Flotus, I reached for this belt  with great metal details. Add on a re-purposed faux fur collar from another coat that has long departed from my life et voila, 

Leather Trench Coat: ReDress (vintage), Belt: Simply Be, Leather Gloves via Nordstrom Rack

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