January 1, 2013

{outfit of the day} New Year, Same Sequins

Happy new year!!! I trust you are all properly hung over and wishing for a handsome someone to bring you breakfast in bed. It's 2013. That is kind of insane to me. I think, when I was a little kid my mind probably envisioned 2013 to be something like Back to the Future (totally pumped and waiting for a hover board).

But alas, here we are hardly hovering and me...? Well, I'm still dripping in sequins. Obviously I know that I have an affinity for all things sparkly (except on my lips! matte) but this holiday season has taught me that I'm so into dressing up for holiday parties. The lesson? I'm going to continue to sparkle inside and out in 2013. I hope you do too! 

Do you make resolutions? I'm definitely into setting goals and making a conscious effort to live up to my potential. And so...I have all of the usuals - less cookies, more swimming, spend less, save more yadda yadda but a few fun goals for the new year include more crafting, learn to sew, volunteer more and to visit at least two countries that I haven't yet traveled to!

What about you? Anything interesting? Do tell!

 Sequin Jacket - Thrifted, Bodycon Dress - ASOS Curve, Bag - Thrifted

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