February 16, 2013

{ootd} Hello From London!

I've been a bit slow in blogging the last week or so but work has been very busy. I'm currently in London for British Plus Size Fashion Weekend with a client and while there's been a TON of work, London is such an incredible city, one can hardly mind! I'll get into the thick of the goings on later but here a few pics of an outfit I wore to the press preview day.

To be honest, I really didn't know if 1. I'd have time to take outfit pics or 2. there'd be a good photog around to shoot me. So, I didn't really pack anything uber inspiring...my clothes here are all fairly casual because working fashion shows primarily consists of lugging really heavy bags around and crawling on the floor while models sweat on you. NBD. It's all a blast and I love it!

Lucky for me my darling Gaelle of lespitreriesdevanoue.com introduced me to my "sexy photographer"  Warda of Sweet Rose Photography who shot me. Yes, sexy photographer is an inside joke - just because she's really sexy and lays on the ground to take my picture. Thank you so much lovely!

Top (old), Pants (125th Street), Booties (Barefoot Tess), Necklace (Ashley Stewart)

All photos by Warda SRP

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  2. I really like your style. I always play it safe when it come to the way I dress. Afraid to try colors & patterns but since following your blog you have really inspired me to want to try different styles of dress. Something new and fun. I am making little steps, honestly I am so not good at bring an outfit together like you but I am trying. Thank you so much. You look Fab!!!

  3. This overall look is great. Red and the print in those pants go together very nicely. The hair is everything....it's getting long and looks good on you.....I am hoping I have the nerve by this Summer to rock my natural hair as well.

  4. LOVE those pants!!!! Fantastic.

  5. Very cute, that necklace and those earrings are looking amazing, did you bought them from the same store?.

    1. Wow! Surprisingly she's really one of the big girl I see but she wear beautiful kinds of clothes maybe from the courtesy of womens clothing plus size, so meaning to say whether you are big you could be able to wear sexy dresses as long as you want.