February 8, 2013

{ootd} Neutural, the New Normal

I'm a sucker for prints and color (this includes black and stark white, obviously) but, lately I've been on this neutral kick. Creams, beiges and what not...who am I?

I'm not sure how this happened. These colors feel so granola to me, an while I do have a sliver of hippie in me, I like my fashion a little more edgy. Perhaps I'm learning how to incorporate these colors without feeling like I look like I'm on my way to purchase a hemp bag then off to play hackie sack.

Gray adds cool to most anything. So I paired this cream colored tee and leather(ette) vest with a pair of gray skinnies. Totally into it...

 Vest, Tee, Jewelry: Ashley Stewart (I know right!?), Gray Skinnies old (but try these gray skinny jeans)

 Similar necklace here and here...
 That moment RIGHT before you burst out laughing and everyone turns to stare at you.

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  1. cute background, cute vest, cute face! i keep seeing girls wearing cute things from ashley stewart lately, i may need to reassess my opinion.

    1. Erin - I went in there for tights and came out with a full bag. I too was utterly confused. No tights though lol.

  2. Cute!!! Que colete lindo!!!!

  3. I love white ensembles in wintter - perfect Ms. Kellie!

  4. Gaaa... blush pink and light gray are my favorites and you are rocking them! So lovely!

  5. Your photos are adorable!!! I love all of your facial expressions. Loving the colors in this look. You look fabulous! xo