March 3, 2013

{OOTD} SpecialT(ee)

I think it's pretty safe to say that most every fashionable chubette loves ASOS and it's really no accident. When I was in London, I had to opportunity to meet with the ASOS team, check out the offices, design studios, photo shoots, mood boards, model line name it.

The amount of detail, consideration and effort put into making ASOS Curve a success is truly impressive. I don't think there's ever been a straight size company that's created a plus size collection and pulled it off so well. Why? Everyone else (for some strange inexplicable reason) dumbs down the fashion for their plus collections and makes things my humble opinion they would never produce in their straight size sections. Yet, for the plus side...basics upon basics upon basics.

ASOS Curve, though a fraction of what's available in smaller sizes is comprised of pieces that for the most part are sold in the smaller sizes as well. What I loved about the visit was how much thought goes into Curve. If an item isn't selling, they don't simply say...oh well the Curve girls don't want this, they re-style it, re-shoot the product in a different way and give it a chance!

Ok enough of this love letter, on to what I'm wearing. My most favorite tee-shirt, ever. If you can even call it a tee? It's lace and...amazing.

 Jacket (here) & Tee (here) c/o ASOS, Ankle Zip Skinny jeans c/o Lane Bryant, Necklace: Top Shop (here), Flatforms: Barefoot Tess (here)

Photos by Lydia Hudgens
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