March 7, 2013

{plus size vintage} Back to Black

It's kind of funny, I wear so much color and so many prints that wearing all black feels like such a treat! I haven't been thrifting or vintage shopping since before Christmas and I'm definitely overdue for a trip. 

This vintage hat is an amazing find that I scored while in Philly...of course now I can't quite remember where I got it from I just remember seeing it, freaking out (I might have totally hugged the hat and twirled around with it in my arms) and making a mad dash for the cash register.

Sometimes you find something that you love so much that it almost feels like it can't be real. You feel like you have to sneak out of the store with it or the original owner will want it back as soon as the see you trying to purchase!

 Hat: Vintage, Blazer: Vintage, Leatherette Pants: Anna Scholz, Bag (similar): Lauren Merkin, Necklace worn as Bracelet (simliar)

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