April 19, 2013

{haïr care} Product Review: Au Naturale

I haven't done a hair post in ages! Thanks to the many nudges on my Facebook page and on Instagram,  I wanted to let you know what I'm doing with my hair these days!

My hair is in that awkward phase. To short to do anything cool, to long to just let it "do what it do". As most of you know, I cut my hair off last April so what you see below is about a year of growth. My hair is several different textures which can be really tricky! My edges are kinky, my roots are silky, the back has loose curls the front has tighter coils. It's all over the place!

So this product line has something for everybody and I kind of use it all mixing and matching. I've been playing with it for a couple weeks and I think I finally have my own little rhythm going. The shampoo isn't sulfate free, so I haven't tried it. I'm really afraid of all shampoos and use one that I'm comfortable with. The conditioner is like magic! I don't know what kind of detangling fairy dust this stuff is made of but wow, my fingers slide right through my hair when I use this conditioner. 

The gel is amazing in small doses, I don't really use gel in my hair but did a little experiment and tried it. No crunchy hair, so that was cool. 

My favorite item is the curl defining glaze (above). I will say that all of the products say "anti-shrikage) umm yeah, not so much. When wet my hair lays on my shoulders. I've used the products and not touched - pulling it out stretching, getting my fro big etc etc and it just shrinks up to like my ears.

What's great about it is that i get soft defined hair without slathering half a jar on my head. I section my hair into fairly large sections, use a vent brush to go through it, dip my finger tips in take a "glob" haha smooth it on and that's it. I've tried the Coil Moisturizing Souffle and for some reason I like this better for the next day of a wash and go. 

I just let the steam from the shower open my hair up, I might wet my hands with wanter and shake my hair loose, then I'll top it less than half a palm of the Souffle. The Sheen Sealing Nectar I find best used when my hair is dry. I tried it on wet hair and it never really absorbed and I found my hair to be oily to the touch which I hate. But when I used it on dry hair it was great, lots of shine, soft and not oily! You may have seen this pic on Instagram but here's to a great hair day. Thanks Dark and Lovely!

Photo by Lydia Hudgens
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