April 10, 2013

{plus size pencil skirt} Sunshine on My Shoulder Makes Me Happy

If you wear red lipstick, you won't look like you have the plague. Valuable lesson.

This has been a strange week. I'm still sick (weeps). So... being sickie, busy and having the weather finally break all at the same time has been interesting to say the least! I've only ventured out for a few errands, meetings and of course photos, committed? crazy? whatever!

Stealing these small moments in the sun has made me want to twirl through the streets of Manhattan. I of course, come home feeling worse than I started. Rest is really the best medicine. Exciting week right? haha We all have those, don't we? Work, work, work!

 Sometimes I just burst into song/dance. <-- p="" talented.="">

Tee: c/o Simply Be, Skirt (old), Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (2011), Necklace: Topshop

Photos by Faye  *love*
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