April 14, 2013

Prints on Prints on...Me

Breaking news! I love prints. But, you knew that didn't you? Ha!

I've also become a big fan of 3/4 length spring coats (I'm sure there's a proper fashion term for these but it eludes me) over dresses. As it relates to prints, I think it's really easy to talk yourself out of major statement pieces like a coat because it isn't a solid color.

Worrying about it not "going with enough things", or telling yourself "I just won't wear it enough" but as I see it...you really can treat something like a black and white print as neutral. If you aren't sure what "matches" play dress up in your closet and try on a bunch of things, you're bound to bump into tons of things that you like!

Or...just look really cool wearing all black or all white and this print coat!

ASOS Curve Coat in Geo Pattern, Anna Scholz Print Dress c/o Simply Be, Blue Pumps (similar here)

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