May 10, 2013

Springing into Separates

In addition to warmer weather, spring brings with it loads of daytime events. It's kind of funny because more often than not, my automatic is to reach for a dress. The weather breaks, the opaque tights come off, I toss on a dress...and boom! Feeling foot loose and fancy free. But, it's fun to switch things up.

A bold skirt is a great way to do things a little differently. It can be a statement piece and the focus of your outfit. Some of my favorite skirts that live in my wardrobe are printed like this one from Melissa Masse, textured (i.e. lace), metallic, silk and of course leather!

Blouse: Avenue (similar), Skirt: c/o Melissa Masse, Shoes: Samanta (similar), Bag: Pa Tu Tu (another sequined bag that I love), Necklace: Top Shop

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