June 3, 2013

Not Just Another Tee-Shirt

As I go through my closets and do a massive purge in preparation for Shop & Swap, I lament in the fact that I own WAY too many things. My next thought..."hmmm I need more tee-shirts". Clearly I'm a sick person but, I don't want help just more tee-shirts.

There's a serious dope tee void in plus size fashion. There's no shortage of graphic tees, and it's not that I don't like a graphic tee, it's just the plus size versions usually have ridiculous mantras about being "sexay" or "fabulous" and I'd sooner wear boot cut pants. No I "upside down" heart NY tee for the chubettes.

Luckily I found this great faux crop (is that a thing?) tee from ASOS Curve. Part tee, part sheer, 100% totally wore this to see a client.

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