June 5, 2013

So Easy Spring Dress

As much as I love pops of color, I also really enjoy paring neutrals. There's probably nothing more easy to wear than a black maxi. This one from the Beth Ditto for Evans collection (remember that? I wish that would happen again), has a great string pull from top to bottom which allows you to draw the hem of the dress up. Love that detail!

Pop on a few brown leather pieces et' voila...I'm ready to run around the city. So easy. 

P.S. I'm having so much fun just letting my hair go wild. I haven't really been using any products. Here I'd just come from swimming so I steamed my hair in the steam room with my conditioner in, rinsed it out. rubbed a little shea butter in for moisture and let it just do what it does.

The option to define my curls and not break them apart is great but I kind of love it more wild fro style these days. 

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