June 29, 2013

{summer must} A Bright Colored Dress

There might be no happier color than yellow, in any of it's derivatives - citron, neon, mellooooow...

Summer brights, big duh right? But still, you totally have to do it! A nano second after pulling this adorable caftan style dress over head I thought to myself, "OK, now I need a field of daisies to twirl in!" Head back, eye clothes, arms stretched...AHHHHH - oh wait that's The Sound of Music. My bad, but seriously I did want daisies!

The light weight gauzy fabric make this dress perfect for summer and yes, it did come with a belt. It's actually a pretty cute belt (not elastic, a proper belt with a buckle etc.) that I'll use with something else, but you know how I feel about mandatory belting of dresses. *thumbs down*

Dress: Lane Bryant (get it here), Sunglasses: Chloe, Llama Bag: ASOS (last summer sorry!), Print Wedges: via BarefootTess.com (try these printed wedge sandals here, here and here)

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