July 16, 2013

an expedition, yucatan edition

One of the most fun days during our trip was visiting the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. I've been a few times on trips past but my dad and cousin hadn't ever been so my sister and I (archaeological aficionados) decided to make the oh so long trip.

We spent much of the three hour ride prepping my dad on how hot it will be. He doesn't do well in anything above 70 degrees. So, of course when we arrive it's overcast, breezy and though warm, nothing like what Sis and I had experienced on previous trips.

We roamed around abandoned our tour guide after about 5 mins, bought trinkets, took pictures and had our own brand of Brown fun.

Obviously if I'm going to visit ancient ruins, I needed to channel my inner explorer fashion vibration. The entire time I wore this hat I made my family call me Explorer Joe. They obliged. 

PS. I'm tan.

 Hat: Mexican Vendor (similar), Romper: c/o Simply Be, Retro Lips Canvas Tote Bag: Forever 21


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