July 21, 2013

live the hype life

It feels like just days ago I was writing about being excited for summer. "Oh it's finally here!" I quipped...well damn, it's already the end of July and soon I'll be whining about how cold it is. (Queue devastatingly sad violin now).

It's for this reason that I will be living every summer day to the fullest. I don't think I've been wasting time but I can certainly turn the dial and try to maximize every second we have left.

In other "hype life" news, my good from Manchild Black has a new line of t-shirts AND an EP coming out on Global Soul Music (produced by Ian Friday) in the next few weeks.

Life the Hype Life Tee - email here if you want one! Jeans c/o Simply Be, Sandals: Gift from the homie @MargieHolla, Sunglasses: Dsquared

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

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