July 3, 2013

{review} That's What Friends Are For...

Nothing says summer time like friendship bracelets. Do you just love with something nostalgic that you were so into as a kid comes back in grown up form and you get to do it all over again? I was a big time camp kid. Day camp, sleep away camp...my parents were really good at keeping me busy throughout the summer and for the most part, I loved it!

Granted, being allergic to everything on earth (including some people)...it wasn't always easy being in the wilderness for 2 weeks at a time but the arts & crafts, bug juice, swimming in at the lake, friends and of course friendship bracelets, made the daily Benadryl and occasional sleepovers at the nurses station worth it. 

These very grown up friendship bracelets are from Pura Vida's new Charm Collection. All of which are handmade in Costa Rica. I totally love the luxe gold hardware! What's also great is that they are adjustable, so any size wrist can get in on the fun.

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