July 31, 2013

The "F" Word

Happy hump day! I'm going to do something that might seem a bit strange to those of you who regularly read my blog...I'm going to use the "f" word, flattering. My position on flattering is a little complicated. 

I don't apply the widely accepted views on "flattering" to my personal style/point of view i.e. bootcut pants to balance my hips, belting everything to nip in my waist. blah blah blah however, I'm certainly not against the ideal that some pieces create great shapes, some pieces are slimming (if that matters to you) etc. For me, the most important factor in what I wear is style not does it make me look thinner, but that's just me.

With that, I think that many women shy away from certain pieces, especially prints and color for fear that it won't be flattering. My answer to that is that there's a print or color for every body even ones that "flatter". Enter this vertical  zigzag. Who doesn't love a little zig and a little zag?  

Style Tip: If you see a print that catches your eye but it feels a little intimidating, try it on. If it's still outside of your comfort level but you love piece, anchor it with a solid jacket. Try a leather moto or tuxedo style blazer. A little more interesting than your basic blazer.

Dress: T-Bags Los Angeles, Necklaces: RLM Soho, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Photo by Lydia Hudgens
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