August 18, 2013

A green dress

You all know full well that when I swear off color you should ignore me. My fall wardrobe will intentionally be less colorful than the delicious hues of my summer frocks (time for a change) however, summer isn't quite over yet and here we are...

Ga-reeeeen. I don't have a favorite color but if I did, green would be a strong contender. I bought this skater style wrap ballet dress a few weeks ago and have worn it so many times! I'm not one to wear a thing into the ground but this dress has gotten more wear in the last few weeks than any other dress in my summer closet.

Top five reasons this dress is dominating my closet:

1. I'm 99.9% sure this color makes me giddy and prevents me from angrily spazzing out on cab drivers who try to cross town from 12th Avenue to 5th on 42nd street.

2. The excessive Aqua Net can usage of the 1980's (a primary cause of global warming) has the weather fluctuating from heat wave to cold snap weekly and this dress is perfect alone or layered for warmth.

3. It's a ballet dress for which I wore ballet flats. I'm not saying that my fouetté rond is tight but I can plié my ass off. Just call me twinkle toes.

4. I can dress it up or down. Throw it on with just lipstick and flat sandals or add fancy face, fancy hair, fancy this, that the other boom...I could be ready in mere moments for a hot date.

5. The price was right. Sooo...if my ample boob shelf decided to catch yogurt and granola or the lobster cous cous salad from Bryant Park Grill then it's no great loss and all remains well in the world.

Dress: ASOS Curve (get it here), Sunglasses: Michael Kors (similar), Across Body Bag: ASOS (get it here) Flats: (similar)

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