Yep, I'm wearing jeans again? Maybe you guys thought I was kidding. I mean, ok...I promise not to wear jeans in every post from here to eternity but it needed to happen again, so it did!

This time I'm in dark denim. Oddly enough, I rarely wear dark jeans. Definitely into the medium and light washes. Perhaps it's the somewhat defiant part of me that bucks the notion that dark jeans are the only kind plus size women can wear. But you will never see me in a boot cut, you'd just as soon seen me in a foiled butterfly tee...

These delightfully skinny jeans are more my speed! So many of you have asked me to show you one piece worn differently and I've just stuck my pinky toe into that idea for you. Not drastic, this is more of a look into how I really do switch things up in a day. The first look more for work, meetings running around and such. 

The second for hanging out with a few friends casually after work. Same top, same jeans, different accessories. 

Top: ASOS Curve, Jeans: c/o MYNT 1792 (coming soon!), Bag: Balenciaga (forever ago)

 So that's the work day then the sun moves west, it get's a little more chilly, I grab a light cardi (yep, it's transitional weather season already!) and then...

 I add a few different accessories to refresh my outfit because 8 hours in the same thing could bore anybody! and then...

Suddenly I'm really confused, oh wow...this is different than a few hours ago. and then...

I quickly adjust and twirl through the streets!!! Outfit refresh, I feel amazing. and then...

 I reflect on the moment, life is good.

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