September 27, 2013

Bet on Black! ASOS BLACK for CURVE

I'm not sure why the delivery of the few (and I do mean few) stellar look books -filled with clothes that come in my size- into my inbox makes me feel so ranty. Ok, I actually am sure. At first I'm completely giddy! Scrolling through, pleasantly surprised, smiling at my computer screen and saying "yeeees" to myself. That lasts for but a moment and then, I'm filled with rage. Why is this so hard for others to do? Why can't more people get things this right?

Working in this industry for 10+ years, I know the reasons blah blah but like then there's ASOS. Whose CURVE division is killing! Not just killing it with amazing, super on trend, affordable fashion but killing for the company as well. I was lucky enough to visit the ASOS headquarters in London earlier this year and the amount of physical space dedicated the Curve department gob smacked me and spoke volumes. Usually when I'm with a brand who sells all sizes, the plus division is a handful of people spread over a few desks.

Curve is like, wow. I remember how proud they were of the offices, showing me around, the enormous board of models, revolving runway inspired photo shoots and if something wasn't doing well on the site - rather saying "oh well, guess no one wants this" re-shooting it.  [Sidebar - Yes, I know this is expensive, but brands don't dumb money into things that aren't working, riiight] Anyhoo, that left such a lasting impression.  It felt like the company wants CURVE to succeed and takes a thoughtful approach to making sure that it does. And it is.

Bah! It all falls on deaf ears, ugh. Moving on. 

And now for the news! ASOS is launching a new collection under the CURVE division called ASOS BLACK for Curve. The new collection "draws inspiration from the ASOS BLACK collection, a line of  premium dresses designed in-house". A ruffle shoulder dress?? An oversized bright colored coat?? I gasp for air!! Ok, I won't itemize the pieces that I love because it's all of them. If you know anything at all about me...anything, then you know I need all of this on my body immediately. ASOS BLACK for CURVE launches in November, I certainly hope this sampling is just the beginning.

ASOS BLACK for CURVE is available from ASOS in November, price range from $143- $304 

Photos c/o ASOS

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