September 25, 2013

Get in Line, Longline

Another post dedicated to fall outerwear. Why? Well, let's be honest...the moment I finish wrestling with the fact that summer is over, I immediately become preoccupied with fall fashion and begin acquiring every amazing jacket in existence and obsessing over inventive layering tactics.

Berlin Longline Vest: c/o MYNT 1792, Raglan Sleeve Top: ASOS Curve, Pleated Leather Skater Skirt c/o Simply Be, Bag: Prada (2010)

There's no eloquent way to say this; This vest has been on my body more times in the last 2 weeks than any other article of clothing. I love it. So. So. Much! I wore this outfit last week on a super busy work day. I had a ton of appointments all over the city followed by drinks with my darling Anna Scholz here for a Simply Be party. So fun.

It's kind of funny, my mom (who's extremely preppy and our styles couldn't be more different) used to always try to force me to get these "all weather coats" she'd call them. Your typically prepster wears and I obviously wanted nothing to do with this concept.

But, I can't think of a better description for how this most amazing and delicious vest works. It's kind of "all weather" I've worn it on some our warmer days and wasn't too hot and on our super crisp nights i wasn't freezing. Awesome. I plan on layering it over everything and trust you will be seeing it on repeat on the blog. For those of you asking to see more of how I wear things more than one way, soon come.

To be honest, I wear this leather skater skirt a TON also. I never packed it away for summer. I in fact, never pack it away. Another fall fashion staple in my wardrobe. There are a few leather skater skirts lurking in my closet but I think that I wear this one the most because of the great pleat detail, perfect length and super slick gold zipper in back which makes it great for dressing up at night.

Fall accessories are like a cherry on top. I've been talking a lot about ankle boots, because they are perfect. Remember last fall winter I was obsessively wearing ankle pants, well the year of the ankle returns. At least for me... I also pulled out one of my favs, a nylon Prada bag I bought a few years ago. Totally adds to the sporty vibe of this look.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

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