September 12, 2013

Lala Belle The Label and My Feelings

Plus size fashion has come leaps and bounds over the last 5 years but there is still so much work to be done. Sometimes my relationship to the industry feels a bit complicated. A fat girl who loves fashion and needs to get dressed, a blogger who's sharing my sensibility with whomever clicks and a publicist/brand strategist/marketing person working with many brands on everything from development to product placement but...

I find myself wondering why does progress feel so slow sometimes. There are so many reasons that the plus size industry struggles with what's being produced and what the ever growing number of truly fashionable, youthful, legitimately cool women actually want to wear.

So many love to say "yes! larger girls want what their skinny friends have" and then they put rhinestones on the pockets of their jeans. Umm, my friends aren't sitting on rocks, sorry. The root of the problem in my humble opinion is that all plus size women are grouped together. There is no straight size brand attempting to speak for the whole of thin women. All Saints isn't attempting to speak to Kate Spade's customer. Is there cross over? Likely. Are they all the same woman? No way!

The other crippling piece is that so many brands are designed by people who aren't plus and have a very limited view of what they think larger women should wear. Rather than focusing on style and what's current they focus is on what she (the customer) can't have because her fat is offensive. Despite the fact that she loves herself and actually looks amazing in her preferred style.

So, when I stumble across the likes of Australian based designer brand Lala Belle and am utterly impressed with how directional, focused and damn cool the line is, I feel like twirling through the streets with my head back and kissing strangers on the mouth (well, cheek).

I'm not saying plus women have nothing to do with what is offered, let's keep it 100...This collection isn't $39.99. We can't complain that Vince and All Saints or Stella McCarthy and McQueen don't make anything to fit us when you'd never pay for it anyways. A plus size Zara is nearly every fat girls dream but that requires a mega company to take a chance on us. Until that happens let's support indie designers with quality fabrics, great design and impeccable tailoring. Just saying...

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