September 29, 2013

Sweater Weather

Sweeeater weatherrrrr (In my best sing songy voice)... A few years ago, I decided that I hated all sweaters. True to form, I have changed my mind and think that sweaters are the best things ever. But, sweater weather isn't only about getting to wear incredible sweaters, the change in temperature also really affects my hair!

Yup, a hair post. Didn't exactly see that one coming did ya? Thing is, many of you guys ask about my hair regimens, what I do, use etc and I decided to kill two birds with one stone. Hair for those that care (ha, that rhymes) and clothes for those that don't. That, last bit does not in fact rhyme. 

Moving on. I haven't talked hair in a while because I literally do the same thing. Summer's humidity is my hair's kryptonite and there is absolutely no sense in fighting it. Just let it do what it do and every once in a while strike gold with a good hair day. 

Fall allows for a little more control on how my hair behaves. However as the temps dip, my hair becomes extremely dry! I got something in a gift bag at fashion week that I've been using lately and it's so incredible I had to share with you guys. 

Pantene has a new Pantene Pro-V Expert Collection of which I received the Age Defy Conditioner and the Age Defy Rejuvenating Hydration Mask. Here's why these two products are amazing:

1. My hair felt instantly hydrated. Instantly
2. Detangling was a synch (this is a really big deal for me)
3. My hair is naturally very soft but after using the mask my hair was silky soft for days without needing much of anything else

Now - on to my new favorite sweater...

Alice & You Patterned Sweater, Anna Scholz Leather Jeans

Keeping with the black and white moment that I'm having, I saw this sweater and purchased it immediately. It's so deliciously soft and cozy. I've been waiting for it to become cool enough to wear and now it is, oh joy!

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

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