September 4, 2013

The Cropped Shredded Sweater

Situation: Your fall fashion aesthetic includes cropped shredded sweaters. Challenge: You don't want to look like a teenage runaway (I mean, you kind of do but you don't really tell anyone). Many are quick to tell women, especially plus size women that certain "what's hot in fashion" moments are not for them...reason being that it's not age, size or body type appropriate. The truth is, every woman can wear just about anything with a little imagination.

Tape Yarn Sweater: L'Amour Nanette Lapore, Skirt: Avenue (old), Bag: Foley & Corinna, Necklace: Rebecca Minkoff, Amy Two Tone Bracelet Watch Marc by Marc Jacobs

Crop tops are everywhere and while most plus size women haven't embraced them, the online plus fashion community has in a big way. The thing is, it's not only plus size women who avoid what could be considered a risky trend, it's women of all shapes, sizes and ages that wave off something that could be pretty great without giving it a whirl.

I love, love, loooove the silhouette of a crop fav being the oversized variety. Here's how I make a cropped shredded sweater work for me. Since I don't want to look like I'm dripping head to toe juniors department, I kept this look simple and chic.

You really don't need to be thin, have an hour glass figure or be teenager to make a cropped sweater work. Looking great in clothes is really about proportions. Since I'm not an hour glass with a nipped in waistline, I didn't opt for the typical bodycon skirt and to make the look a bit more grown up I avoided pieces like cut off denim shorts. 

My relaxed fitting crepe pencil skirt with pockets works perfectly for me, is comfortable so that I'm not tugging and adjusting my clothes as I walk around or sit and this cool, relaxed and polished look works for my lifestyle. I run around all day in and out of showrooms, meetings, scavenger hunts, lunches, putting out fires...errands and I don't feel over or underdressed for anything the my day throws at me.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens
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