October 23, 2013

A Perfect White Blazer

This may very well be my favorite piece in my fall wardrobe. A white, sleeveless, longline tuxedo blazer. I'm a very happy girl! Now, given that the truest desires of my fashion heart aren't always are almost never readily available in my size it should be no surprise that we have to look all the way to Paris for this most perfect blazer. 

Blazer: Big Beauty x JMP (Jean Marc Philippe Paris), Leather T-shirt: c/o MYNT 1792, Full Skirt: ASOS Curve, Necklace: Zara, Eggplant Lipstick: c/o Face Stockholm

Paris based Blogger Stephanie Zwicky is a fav of well, everyone and a few months back she partnered with French designer Jean Marc Philippe on a capsule collection. I'll admit, I did admire it from afar but it wasn't until I got to see the blazer in person that it struck me like lightening. 

The homey Gabi wore it while she and I were hanging out one day at fashion week and I was having an emotional affair with the blazer the entire time. I hadn't ever ordered from the JMP site and was a little concerned about the international shipping etc but my lust for the jacket blinded all common sense and I didn't care about the risk of ordering from an international site that I'd not had any experiences with.

Luckily ordering was a breeze. I converted my size by googling women's French to US size chart, snagged the jacket, paid the hefty shipping fee (1000% worth it) and my order arrived promptly in about a week or so. 

Here are a few promises. 

1. I will wear this jacket as often as humanly possible in life and on the blog
2. I will be annoying and mention this jacket if you are talking to me about any other subject
3. I will come home and put the jacket on every time I leave Zara thoroughly depressed that the most perfect, chic, cool, perfect, perfect store has not been replicated by inspired a plus brand.

 My lips are not red, this excites me. Does it excite you? Hmmm...

Photos by Chelsea Memmolo

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