October 28, 2013

Happy Monday

Happy Monday! I'm celebrating this Monday with a dance party in the middle of the street. Eh... just kidding however, I am taking a decidedly happier approach to Mondays. Instead of dreading them, I simply want to be grateful for another day on the planet, living a happy and blessed life. On to the fash-eh-yon!

 Coat & Dress(old): c/o Simply Be, Necklace: Topshop, Plus Size Tights, Clutch: Mimi Turner, Lipstick: FACE Stockholm *Beloved

What if we didn't complain about Mondays? What if we rose from our slumber after a fantastic weekend and instead of focusing on being annoyed to return to work, we focused on being refreshed from time well spent over our days off? I don't claim to be this evolved a human being, just taking on a better attitude for the start of the week. 

My weekend was pretty incredible. I wasn't on a beach in Miami or anything like that but I cleaned out ALL of my closets - an momentous task at best, my apartment is sparkling, saw two movies (the bf and I are movie addicts). The Counselor, let's just say if beheadings aren't your thing, there were like 3 and Cameron Diaz did something on top of a car that left me really confused yet, slightly impressed. We also saw Bad Grandpa which was actually pretty hilarious. Some dinner, a little brunch blah blah it was all lovely.

So for the first time in...ever, I'm going to be happy to start a new week rather than sulking about the weekend being over. Happy freaking Monday!

Photos by Chelsea Memmolo
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