October 31, 2013

How Tom Ford Saved My Vision

I've known for a while that I needed glasses. 20/20 vision was but a memory. I'd attempted to get glasses a few years ago but after taking the eye test (a bunch of times), getting some pretty cute Chanel frames and wearing them for a few days, I couldn't get used to them and I felt like I could see better without them. The eye doctor told me just wear them as needed, so that was never. Wrong Kellie, very very wrong.

 The three stages of needing glasses: Denial, Shock, Concession (my frames available here)

Flash forward a few years, 80,000 hours of screen time and countless people being mad at me for never speaking to them in dark clubs because I CAN'T TELL WHO YOU ARE (sorry, for that outburst). Anyway...I said maybe this whole being able to see thing isn't over rated. I made two appointments at private eyeglass spots on the Upper West Side and didn't go because I forgot and then work was busy. Yadda yadda.

The last week or so, things felt a little more urgent. Not just my usual slight blur but like true strain and tiredness in my eyes. Then, I was on my way to a meeting when a Tom Ford ad in a store window caught my eye. I was a little early for my meeting so I popped my head in. I tried on a few pairs but was really in love with these. I can be extremely picky, especially about an accessory that I'd have to wear everyday but they just spoke to me. I left and headed to my meeting.

I don't know if it was psychosomatic or real but by the end of the meeting my eyes were really bothering me. Did I just really want these frames? Do I have a real problem? I decided to just go see if they had a walk in appointment with the optometrist. They do! Oh joy!

Oh boy rather! Turns out I have a pretty serious condition (weakness) in my right eye and it needed to be addressed right away to be corrected. What prompted me to run straight from my meeting to the eye doctor? I think it was these frames. Thanks for saving my peepers Tom Ford!

Also, now I can see! Woo hoo.

Photos by Chelsea Memmolo

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