October 6, 2013

Just Me And Ma' Boyfriend

An ode' to the perfect jeans. The boyfriend jean. One of my favorite things about fashion is the recycling. Everything old becomes new again. We whole heartedly embrace things that we only a few years back denounced. The prerogative to change ones mind...that should be the definition of fashion.

Jacket: 17 Sundays, Necklace: ASOS, Boyfriend Jeans: c/o Simply Be, Clutch: ASOS

Once we reached the era of the skinny jean, I couldn't imagine wearing much else. I was never a real fan of the flare or boot cut style but they were all the rage and almost immediately deemed the one acceptable style for larger women, and thus for a moment the only thing offered. 

The overly baggy style of the 90's (also kind of a thing right now) was fun for a 15 year old me but I would never have re-imagined them looking terribly chic with gorgeous heels and a Balmain sweater - the way we are seeing them now. 

But I remain the boyfriend jean's truest fan. (Unless, I change my mind of course.) They are relaxed and cool and can look totally sexy or not. Best jeans ever...until.

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