October 2, 2013

MYNT 1792 Blogger Holiday Collection

So you might have heard, I along with some other incredibly fab style bloggers teamed up with MYNT 1792 to create a capsule collection of outerwear. Each of us got to design a namesake jacket and I can't even begin to tell you how much fun it was to see an article of clothing that I conceptualized come to life.

I'm really excited to share the "Kellie" jacket with you! Knowing that I could create anything was such a mind boggling experience. If I could have any coat, what would it be? Obviously I wanted something that would be near impossible to find in plus sizes. Honestly, I thought of 10 different jackets and coats. But, what's really missing from my wardrobe each year is a winter friendly workhouse that's cool, chic and functional.

So! I created a 3-in-1 puffer coat. You can wear it all three ways shown above. The collection will be available on MYNT1792.com on November 1st.

Want to see more?


All photos by Lydia Hudgens

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