October 14, 2013

Plus Size Pencil Skirt - Question Mark

First off, I had the weirdest dreams last night. One great, one less so but both totally strange. I think in part perhaps because last night, Homeland left me in a totally f'd up headspace and I went to bed shortly there after. On to the purpose of this here blog post...Is a plus size pencil skirt worth writing home about?

Coat and Skirt: c/o Simply Be, Necklace: Vince Camuto, Earrings: Shaya, Clutch c/o Boohoo

I'm not going to front, I'm definitely one to scoff at the sheer volume of pencil skirts available in plus sizes. Honestly when looking for great skirts (I'm a big fan of skirts), it used to feel like this was the only sillohette available! Yes, now there's an endless sea of skater skirts - I'm not mad. And it's certainly not like I've never worn a pencil skirt but for whatever reason, generally speaking I haven't gravitated toward this shape.

Ok, I can totally name some of the reasons - most are little too conservative, I'm a bit defiant so if you tell me that's all I can have, then I never want to wear it, yadda yadda. However, I've really been on this classic with a twist vibe lately and the oh so current quilting on this little number from Simply Be made my eyes open wide. Not to mention the gold zipper that runs down the length of the skirt.

As with everything, you can make a piece work for you - it's all in the styling. I wanted to play up the "twist" but with really classic shapes. Three quarter length coat, pencil skirt, pumps...all classic. The mixed material of my coat, the great details on the skirt and opting for a cropped white tee rather than a button down give me edginess or "twist" that I love. Guess I'm for the pencil skirt, at least this one. Now I need a leather midi length. Anyone?!

Oh. Here's when I start head banging mid-shoot. Not sorry. 
Photos by Chelsea Memmolo
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