November 1, 2013


I woke up this morning smelling the incredibly fragrant flowers on my nightstand and decided that I'm gong to have an amazing day. Gloomy Friday's are kind of the worst, especially when you're SO ready for the weekend but here we are...I don't have specific plans, I rarely do. My weekends generally consist of flying by the seat of my pants and doing whatever feels perfect in a moment. But lately, I feel like I do the same things all of the time, things that I love but still...lo mismo

 Black Leather Jacket, Military Shirt Dress, Necklace: Topshop, Black Booties, Hat: Zara

Time to shake things up. One of my best friends is always on some adventure, always has some sort of plans to see or do something really interesting or not interesting but different. Is there a such thing as a weekend rut? Perhaps my desperate need for a getaway has reached a fever pitch and I'm feeling quite restless. This feels more like a journal entry than a blog post but sometimes, those are one in the same haha!

On a much more exciting note, I'm still having so much fun with black. Have you noticed? All black doesn't have to be boring, nor does it have to feel like you're in a fashion rut. Textures, fabrics, shapes, fun accessories can all make basic black feel completely UNbasic. Is that word? Nah...but who cares.

Photos by Chelsea Memmolo
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