November 18, 2013

MarketPlace Handwork of India

When MarketPlace Handwork of India contacted me, I was so horned to lend my voice to such an amazing organization. All they asked was that I wear one of their pieces and share their mission. Something so simple, but the possibility of helping women who have devoted their lives to helping other women and disabled people felt so big.

Dress: Handmade by Neelam (she signed my tag!) via MarketPlace Handwork of India

Why is this 501c3 amazing? MarketPlace provides a non-exploitative supportive work environment for artisans to make a living. Their approach is ensuring dignity not charity. Providing training, creating artisan cooperatives, and supporting over 450 women and their families.

It's kind of amazing, walking around wearing a dress, knowing the name of the woman who made it for you. Knowing that she's not in an abusive environment. I feel connected to Neelam. The world felt smaller an I hope she loves the picture of me in the dress that she made. I encourage you to take a look at the site and if there's something you like, or something that you think would make a great gift. Support! Shipping was really quick, less than 2 weeks and the quality is excellent. The dress I'm wearing is here (I got a 2x).

 Thank you Neelam!

Photos by Chelsea Memmolo

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