November 7, 2013

Olivia Pope's Amazing Coats - Plus Size Edition

       Image Courtesy of ABC

It's Thursday!!! You know what that means, Scandal! Do I seem excited? Don't pretend you're not excited, come on. We all immediately noticed Olivia Pope's uber chic style, how could we not? Kerry Washington is a dream boat. Recently Vogue online did a "Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope Wears the Best Coats on Scandal"piece and I thought it was pretty cool. Now, I know of and actually understand the many of the limitations of including plus in magazines - plus companies rarely work on the true fashion/editorial calendar, resources, feeling the need to create a separate page blah blah but, when it comes to online publishing not including plus just feels sort of lazy. I don't so much expect Vogue to do it as they aren't exactly plus shopping friendly but the others, eh why not. If you're just doing a product round up and using images from brand websites and including three or 4 pieces to illustrate why not include plus. Just a thought. Anyhoo that's why I decided to grab the Vogue categories and do an all plus edition. Here it is!

Graphic by Courtesy of ABC
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