November 14, 2013

Online Clothing Swap

You know how you look at your friends with love and pride then secretly wish you could go into their house and steal all of their clothing. Well now, you can avoid a robbery case and simply see if they want to swap with you. Not just the friends that you see everyday but your online friends and their friends and so on.

Clothing swaps are all the rage and the online world is making it possible to swap beyond your personal network of fab girls. My friends at Swapdom have asked me to test drive the new beta site which you too can try out by clicking here. It's so easy, you just upload items, pick out things you want and then wait for the swap. You can see a few vintage pieces that I have up for grabs here!.

I think swapping clothes is such a fun and economical way to switch up your wardrobe and certainly doesn't hurt in reducing your carbon footprint.

**This is a sponsored post. As always nothing makes it onto this blog without my sincere opinion.
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