November 26, 2013

Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow

There are certain things in which you know deep in your heart that you need, but you don't think they exist. This, is one of those things.

I'm on a very important journey. A journey of self discovery. A journey to switch up my extremely boring yet, mostly effective (in my humble opinion), makeup routine. What do I do every single day? A little foundation on my cheeks, black eye liner, mascara, blush, red lips - sometimes orange or purple. But that's it!

So...I'm spreading my wings. I had a ton of makeup but because I never used any of it and couldn't remember when I acquired it, I tossed most of it except for the things I use daily and am starting over. I've had a few successful trips to Sephora - I might do a haul if you guys are interested (let me know if the comments). 

The first new product I wanted to share with you is Stila's Magnificent Foil Finish Eyeshadow. This might be the most incredible single shadow I've ever seen! There are a ton of finishes. I'm wearing the Vintage Black Gold but I think that I'll be going back for the Titanium Gun Metal as well.

How it works: There is a little bottle of liquid primer - personally I don't think it's enough, after 2 uses it's kind of almost gone and I used it very sparingly. Anyhoo - it's awesome you can just use it without the primer for a more sheer glimmery (is that a word?) effect. But I've always known I needed gold leaf'esque eye lids and so I love the full intense foiled look. So, I just go for it.

Please note, I'm not a model and so sticking a camera really close to my face just makes me shudder and freak out haha so I didn't really know where to look in order to show you what it looks like on, so I hope I did an ok enough job at that. I think you can see the intensity but the camera didn't really pick up just how metallic and foiled the shadow is. Moral of the story, I'm obsessed.

Photo of me by Chelsea Memmolo

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