November 22, 2013

Wallpaper Print Suit

Let me just start with there's sometime a tiny bit crushing about waking up to a rainy Friday. However, yesterday was perfection and perhaps I should just linger in the magically mild day that was Thursday. Speaking of magical...can we discuss a perfectly printed suit?? Be still my beating heart!

Wall Paper Print Jacket and Pants: c/o ASOS Curve, Earrings: Urban Outfitters, Black Pointy Pumps 

I can drape myself in black, white and monochromatic looks but let's be honest, there is nothing like a perfect print. I consider myself a fairly well adjusted, confident person- full of self love and all that jazz but everybody has insecurities and/or we want to do something and just need a little push to get outside our comfort zone.

Perfect human Solange Knowles has had a pretty unexpected and profound affect on the way that I view myself. For instance, when I cut all of my hair off and decided I wanted to stop slicking my curls with poisonous gel for a more "mainstream" and acceptable look (you know what I'm saying here) and just let my hair do what it do. Seeing her look stunning in an afro felt reassuring and confirmed I was making the right decision. 

My personal life is full of far more granola hippy style folks than fancy dandies and though I definitely fit in somewhere in between, I certainly lean more fancy dandy lol (is that a thing? ha!) Anyhoo, Solange looked totally chic and made me feel like it was possible to have it all. A wild free fro and chicness. Amen!

As it relates to the suit, no one rocks a printed suit like Solange. Another burst of inspiration. If I limited myself to what "acceptable" for plus women to wear, I probably wouldn't have a damn thing in my closet. Shout out to ASOS for continuing to create current fashion without the antiquated notions of what a plus size woman will be comfortable wearing. Take a note brands...they are making it, we are buying it and looking pretty damn fab wearing it.

Photos by Chelsea Memmolo
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