December 8, 2013


Remember the city before a messy freezing storm overtook the northeast? It was about 12 hours ago, life was good.

Coat: Michael Kors (2011), Midi Bodycon Dress: ASOS Curve, Andromeda Tassel Pendant: Bauble Bar

So, it's my birthday month and I'm supposed to be completely excited but rather I'm deeply traumatized and no where near mentally prepared for this type of inclement weather. I'm a Christmas baby that hates snow. Do I think that it looks gorgeous? Yes. From my window, snow is incredible. However...getting around in it, the terrifying slipperiness etc etc etc. I'm not looking forward to this at all.

OK - enough bitching. So I wore these clothes and now, I'm just pouting. On a happier note, this necklace is one of the very few things I scored over the mega shopping weekend from Bauble Bar. 

That's all.

Photos by Chelsea Memmolo 

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