December 11, 2013

Too Faced, Return to Sexy

Photo by Chelsea Memmolo
An eye shadow pallet to last a shimmery lifetime!
I spoke a little bit about my makeup rut when I tried a nude lip for the first time in well, ever and when I tried Stila's gold foil shadow. Another thing that I never do is attempt to work with a pallet. I do browse around and admire pallets but I never actually walk up to one, investigate and purchase. 

There's something magical about Sephora during the holiday season. Maybe it's all the glitter and gift sets? I love a gift set *swoon*. So on my of my many resent trips, I was feeling particularly adventurous and bumped into this Too Faced Return To Sexy pallet and literally said "wooooow". Yup, I had to have it! What would I do with all of these colors? Would I just use one to highlight and never touch it again? Would I play with it and figure out what looks good on me? Honestly, a little of both.

I need to dive a little more into it but I'm open! I feel like I need an eye shadow class, is there such a thing? Oddly enough I'm pretty good at doing other peoples makeup but my eyes are small, there's no space, it's confusing and confounding. 

I in no way claim to be a makeup expert but I like what I like and here's what I like about this pallet. The colors have incredible sparkle/shimmer but aren't overly glittery. It comes with the Too Faced Deluxe Shadow Insurance (a primer) and a full sized Perfect Eyes Waterproof Liner in Perfect Black and a little note card with lots of suggestions on how to use the pallet (this didn't actually help me but I didn't actually read all of it so, there's that). Lastly, there are 15 colors and who doesn't love options?!

After a bit more practice, I'll share a few pics of this pallet in action!
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