January 13, 2014

A Commitment to Moisturizing

I know, I know...what I'm about to tell you is horrible. Consider it a confession of sorts. I kind of hated moisturizer. Slathering goo all over my face made me feel oily and I dunno...sweaty? Is that a real thing? It just felt yucky on my skin and though I've become a big fan of serums even eye creams, full on lotion like products all over my face? Not so much.

I've recently revamped my skincare routine (which I will totally share with you if interested leave a comment below) and within the new approach I decided that since I'm no longer 25 and aging skin happens to the best of us, I need to stop avoiding this critical step and moisturize like a grown up.

This PROx Hydra Firming Cream came into my life via a gift bag and normally I'll try something and toss it but after trying this, I was all "ahhhhhh!!". It doesn't feel greasy, it absorbed into my skin almost immediately and I didn't "feel" it. Amazing! I've been using it daily for about two months and my skin feels smoother and tighter (as in taught not tightness from being dry). I'm a fan. Officially one of the very first times I've received a beauty product in a gift bag and am actually going to purchase it to replace my nearly empty jar.

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