February 13, 2014

Hair Flip

 I took one of those personality tests on Facebook from Buzzfeed and my emoji personality is "hair flip". I mean... mkay! 

Amusing Buzzfeed tests aside, I've received a ton of questions about my hair so here it is, a hair post! First things first, yes it's still natural. The afro is not dead, just on a lovely beach vacation (don't you wish we were with her ugh!).

So here's what I did. First I went and got a blow out at an uptown Dominican salon. I have no idea why these ladies are so particularly talented at straightening hair with a blow dryer but no one gets my hair as silky. I'm sure I'll come to regret this fact but, I was totally irresponsible and abided to absolutely no protective rules, I just let it happen.

The blog out left me with really straight hair and slightly bent ends and that was fun for a day or so but I didn't feel...jazzy. It was really kismet that my little sister was coming for a visit - she herself is an amazing hair swami and creator of perfect curls. Karla curled my hair then rolled it into pin curls. Do you know what those are? Basically you just take a piece of hair that has been curled and roll it around your finger into a loop then just bobby pin it down.

My hair is TERRIBLE for holding curls, they fall almost instantly and this method really helps. Whereas normally curls might hold for a few mins before falling, this keeps them "bouncing and behaving" for hours. That's Karla's term lol she takes her curls very seriously.

I've been just pin curling my hair down at night and it's officially been a week and still going! I think I'll be going for another blow out over the weekend. This time, I'll use heat protecting products blah blah blah. I'm also dying to try wand curls, perhaps that'll be my next project!

Anyhoo, I figure why not take advantage of this freezing crisp weather. Soon it will be spring then humidity and well you know the deal after that. Game over.

Photos by Chelsea Memmolo

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