March 23, 2014

Hello Spring?

We're officially two days into spring and I can't for the life of me understand why it's not 65 and sunny. This is what happens when you experience one of the most harsh winters on absolutely dire need for the lull of a warm breeze. Thank goodness I'm off to Miami next week for some much needed fun and sun. #humblebrag (But like, shouldn't I be excited to go somewhere tropical when there's a looming threat of yet another snow storm??)

 Leopard Bomber Jacket: Vintage (try this or this), White Tank luxe or lessWhite Jeans also try this pair or these, Nude Pumps

On to the fashion...I have so many things to say to you guys. One, I've never achieved top knot perfection until this day and I'm 90% sure I never will again - however I do have a tip. I just had my hair in big chunks of pin curls per usual, I didn't finger it through I just shook it a little. Then, I loosely grabbed my hair, wrapped a hair tie around it once (that's when I saw the goodness happening) and rather than keep going and messing it up, I just started pinning. Pinning it all where it was in that moment - and there you have it.

I said on to the fashion and that was totally about my hair, my bad. Ok now! On to the fashion...

I'm not sure why nude pumps and white jeans felt like a revelation to me. Perhaps because I usually pair white with black or brights. That's how this outfit began. I wanted to wear white jeans and nude pumps. I've also been hoarding this vintage bomber that I scored in Philly over a year ago for about $2, no idea why I haven't worn it yet. Especially since snapping these pics a few days ago I've had it on just about everyday. It's funny how some outfits come together - this one started from the bottom. Now we're here. Haha. Ooh Drake...

In other news, ASOS is having an exclusive sale preview. Enter FIRST30 at checkout for 30% off!

Photos by Chelsea Memmolo
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