April 1, 2014

Large Size Shoes from ASOS Curve

Ok, I'm literally bursting with excitement. I just discovered large size shoes on ASOS and had to share!

Can we say holy wow?! Or, should we just start with #tallgirlproblems?? If you think that plus size clothing is lacking, try looking for a stylish shoe above a size 10 or better yet 11 or bigger. There are a few great resources like BarefootTess.com but beyond that, options are abysmal at best.

Enter ASOS Curve! There's a new shoe collection called Shoesissima, umm CUTE! There isn't a huge selection to start but, I'm hoping that once all of us big foot girls discover the small collection that it will grow! Many go up to size 13! I've featured some of my favs. They aren't Forever 21 prices but they are pretty reasonable. It's actually sort of disturbing that basic chic, classic shoes are nearly impossible to find and trendy even more so. Ok, overly excited rambling over. Happy shopping!

Photos c/o ASOS.com
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